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Integrative healing workshops are offered in a group setting and centered on Classical Acupuncture. Workshops last two to three hours and offer a Classical Acupuncture protocol, a guided meditation, and educational lectures.

Acupuncture Healing Circle – Summer Solstice
Saturday, June 21st at 11 a.m. at at Relax on Cloud 9 in Staten Island.

The Summer Solstice is a Gateway to transformation.  By participating at this Acupuncture-Healing Circle you will align yourself with the Sun-Earth energies and feel grounded and realized in your infinite Being. Please call Cloud 9 at (718) 448-3412 for details and registration.

Solstice Series

Tarot-Acu Circles

“The Winter Solstice Realignment Workshop was truly powerful. The workshop enriched my mind, body and spirit with such a beautiful blend of acupuncture, archetypal meditation and communion. Having this experience collectively as a group and on the day of the solstice was profound. It’s one of those experiences that leaves an impression that you’ll carry with you always.” – Alyssa G.

“I recommend this experience highly. This was a totally new experience and journey that gave me a great sense of peace.  The acupuncture and the live music and singing left me feeling like I was floating in the clouds with not a care or concern in the world.  It was an opportunity for me to cleanse my mind and body and start on a peaceful new journey.” – Delphia W.

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