My Practice

My practice weaves together a wide variety of healing modalities, integrating acupuncture with dietary guidelines, health and Lifestyle coaching, and meditation, all aimed at supporting you in regaining body functionality, mental balance and vitality, prevent disease and create sustainable optimal health. I carefully design individualized  health care-treatment plans. Acupuncture is the mainstay of my practice being a gentle, painless, affordable, and most effective therapy for activating  and rebalancing your whole mind-body system. I combine it with meditation and energy work, along with other practices and tools, to deepen and intensify the movement and transformation of your own consciousness of health and healing.

My goal is to assist you on your path to optimal well-being through a dedicated practice that seeks to effectively uncover the root causes of any given condition, bringing awareness to both all aspects of the healing process and who you are.

This holistic approach to health and healing requires commitment, time and energy, a thorough examination of your current state of health, lifestyle and history, and equally important, a strong and trusting partnership between yourself and myself.

“I began working with Consuelo in the early phase of spinal surgery recovery and we have continued to work together as I have become increasingly pain-free, strong, and have regained full mobility.  Consuelo’s gentle treatments eased pain, reduced discomfort and swelling, and aided sleep and rest.  Some weeks following surgery, I began transitioning to less potent prescription pain medication, then moved to over-the-counter and finally to very little and no pain medication.  During these transitions, it is common to experience disruption in sleep, which can have a negative impact on healing.  Consuelo’s treatments reduced sleeplessness and also provided subtle support for healing, including promoting a feeling of wellbeing and calm.  Consuelo is an apt listener, has a gentle approach and is intuitive and supportive.  She is a caring and skillful healer.”