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Including but not limited to Stress Reduction | Smoking Cessation | Weight Loss | Supporting Labor & Post-Partum | Beautiful & Healthy Baby

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Acupuncture Special

Relieve stress and re-establish well-being with this acupuncture special that includes: initial evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Available to those with a coupon until 01 June 2014.

“My former Acupuncturist recommended I see Consuelo because I was in debilitating pain from an old back sprain that had flared up under the stress of an unexpected pregnancy and the demands of a full-time job. I wanted better for myself and my baby and didn’t know where to start. My time with Consuelo was exactly what I needed.  What started as a quest for pain relief, ended with a total transformation of my pregnancy.  In addition to the acupuncture, Consuelo worked with me to raise my awareness of the sanctity of the journey I was on, in an environment that was safe, peaceful, and where I was completely relaxed. She would begin every session with a soft massage and guided me through my meditations.  The combinations of her work and our dialogue made me critically conscious, and I began to make better decisions at work, with my diet and, in my relationships to protect me and my baby. Consuelo went as far as to bringing acupuncture to my home the night before I delivered.  My partner and I are grateful to her for the state of mind I was in, when we welcomed our son into this world.”