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“I began working with Consuelo in the early phase of spinal surgery recovery and we have continued to work together as I have become increasingly pain-free, strong, and have regained full mobility.  Consuelo’s gentle treatments eased pain, reduced discomfort and swelling, and aided sleep and rest.  Some weeks following surgery, I began transitioning to less potent prescription pain medication, then moved to over-the-counter and finally to very little and no pain medication.  During these transitions, it is common to experience disruption in sleep, which can have a negative impact on healing.  Consuelo’s treatments reduced sleeplessness and also provided subtle support for healing, including promoting a feeling of wellbeing and calm.  Consuelo is an apt listener, has a gentle approach and is intuitive and supportive.  She is a caring and skillful healer.” – Susan K.

“I’ve had the good fortune to experience Consuelo’s healing treatment twice so far. She has a subtle, gentle way of assessing my health or general well-being that I intuitively recognize as deeply experienced, compassionate and non-judgmental. I feel completely safe to relax into the warm, soothing environment she creates. Her needlework is painless and profound, leaving me beautifully relaxed or amazingly energized. I’ve recommended her without reservation to friends who’ve never had acupuncture and to friends who’ve had lots of experience. All have responded with the same sort of awestruck reverence about their session. Many immediately began to see her regularly. Thank you, Consuelo, for taking care of us!” – John S.

“My former Acupuncturist recommended I see Consuelo because I was in debilitating pain from an old back sprain that had flared up under the stress of an unexpected pregnancy and the demands of a full-time job. I wanted better for myself and my baby and didn’t know where to start. My time with Consuelo was exactly what I needed.  What started as a quest for pain relief, ended with a total transformation of my pregnancy.  In addition to the acupuncture, Consuelo worked with me to raise my awareness of the sanctity of the journey I was on, in an environment that was safe, peaceful, and where I was completely relaxed. She would begin every session with a soft massage and guided me through my meditations.  The combinations of her work and our dialogue made me critically conscious, and I began to make better decisions at work, with my diet and, in my relationships to protect me and my baby. Consuelo went as far as to bringing acupuncture to my home the night before I delivered.  My partner and I are grateful to her for the state of mind I was in, when we welcomed our son into this world.” – Crystal V.

“Consuelo’s voice is soothing…reassuring..healing. She is personal in her approach…and she understands the mind body connection that reveals how injury and disease are more than physical and how they must be in harmony to create optimal healing. There is great strength behind her that gently guides me back to focus with the tenderness of a butterfly, but the passion of a lion.” – Stefani M.

“Consuelo is a healing artist that is gentle, attentive, and thoughtful in her approach.  I came to her with joint pain, as well as a need for emotional support. She addressed both of these through a combination of careful listening, skilled acupuncture and other applications of Chinese medicine. I feel respected and taken seriously in her care. My physical and emotional challenges have decreased, and I leave her office feeling deeply relaxed and relieved.” – Leslie G.

“I suffered back and neck injuries and nerve damage from an automobile accident. My medical doctor recommended a suspension of manipulative therapies until I was seen by a spinal surgeon, but permitted me to utilize acupuncture in the interim for pain management. An immediate connection developed as Consuelo took the time to learn about me and explain how acupuncture works. I felt pain relief during my first session and after approximately 5-6 sessions, was able to decrease my pain medication and, soon after, discontinued it completely. Consuelo utilizes a holistic approach and was interested in integrating treatments to support me on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. She radiates warmth and a genuine concern for the wellbeing of her clients. She is a knowledgeable, competent, thoughtful acupuncturist and a fearless and intuitive healer. I highly recommend her.” – Diane M.

“I am deeply grateful to Consuelo for the healing acupuncture treatments she provided for me along a 12 week program. I was amazed by her intuition, precision and by the ensuing results of her treatments that were very noticeable and palpable oftentimes within hours of the sessions. I encountered profound transformation of emotional blockages and I gained renewed energy at a time when it was lacking in my life.” – Aurora D.

“Despite the many good things I’d heard about acupuncture from friends, I’d never tried it before I came to Consuelo Casarotto. I had a great deal of healthy skepticism about the whole thing and was immediately surprised at the very first session by how simple it was, how much sense it all made, and how good I felt afterwards.  As our sessions progressed, that feeling has become a deeper and more real certainty that I’ve found something incredibly genuine–something that seems to work on many levels all at once, integrating awareness of body, mind, and spirit in way that’s solidly grounded in this all-too-real world, and yet somehow creates an opening to a healing power of possibility beyond pain that’s hard to describe as anything less than magical, given the way it transforms pain into peace and hurt into wholeness.   Consuelo is kind, gentle, strong, and wise.  She brings Chinese medicine alive.  A priceless treasure.” – John B.

“I started working with Consuelo after my husband and I had been trying to conceive for about nine months. After a very pleasant and informative introduction, we set up a treatment plan. My fertility sessions were incredibly insightful, nurturing and encouraging. Consuelo really took the time to talk, meditate and offer guidance through this sometimes daunting and challenging period. I am also happy to report that after three months of weekly sessions, my husband and I conceived naturally, and I am now 35 weeks and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl. I can’t thank her enough for all that she’s done for my husband and I.” Sarah S.

“Consuelo is an extraordinary healer/balancer of the subtle and physical body. I’ve been fortunate to experience her skills a few times. Most recently I received an esoteric acupuncture session from her (a new lineage she’s incorporating into her practice). As a new parent I came to the session exhausted and underslept and thought I’d fall immediately asleep. Instead I promptly fell in tune with my body’s energies and was in a blissful, connected place. Present. A place my busy life had disconnected me from. I’ve had similar experiences at the end of memorable yoga classes and long meditations and retreats. It was deeply nurturing to reconnect to that aspect of me.I think repeated esoteric acupuncture sessions will familiarize me with the language of the practice so that i can connect to even more subtle and profound experiences. I’ve also recommended Consuelo to several pregnant women and new mothers, and they have all had wonderful, repeat sessions with her.” John S.

Workshops & Events

“I had the distinct privilege of stumbling upon Consuelo’s Winter Solstice Ceremony in 2012 during a very trying emotional period. Having no idea what to expect, I was absolutely blown away by the gentle yet subtly powerful healing space she and her assistant were able to create through the combination of acupuncture, music, mediation, and prayer. I felt up-lifted and held in such a positive manner throughout the evening and left with a feeling of calm relaxation that I had not felt in weeks. But it was the profound shift into a much more positive emotional state that I experienced upon waking the next day that spoke to the true strength of her healing abilities.” John K.

“I recommend this experience highly. This was a totally new experience and journey that gave me a great sense of peace.  The acupuncture and the live music and singing left me feeling like I was floating in the clouds with not a care or concern in the world.  It was an opportunity for me to cleanse my mind and body and start on a peaceful new journey.” – Delphia W.

“The Winter Solstice Realignment Workshop was truly powerful. The workshop enriched my mind, body and spirit with such a beautiful blend of acupuncture, archetypal meditation and communion. Having this experience collectively as a group and on the day of the solstice was profound. It’s one of those experiences that leaves an impression that you’ll carry with you always.” – Alyssa G.

“I attended the inaugural solstice workshop in December 2011 and was pleasantly surprised. Through guided meditation and acupuncture amongst a collective of like-minded individuals I immediately experienced changes on every level. From feeling more grounded to increased self-esteem, I was able to jump a distracting hurdle in my path easily, and now feel much more balanced. I will definitely be attending future events!” – Kellie S.

“I am so grateful to Consuelo creating the space for such a powerful and purifying group healing.  The harmonized force of the acupuncture treatment and music was more deep and healing for words to describe.  It was as if the magnetic energy of the planet at solstice were pouring over me, charging me, cleansing me, and aligning me with the endless potential of All That Is.  It was so worth my time, and I look forward to attending others in the future.” – Gordon K.

“You have really tapped into something beautiful!  I attended the Winter Solstice Workshop—through guided meditation and acupuncture amongst a collective of like-minded individuals I immediately experienced changes on every level. From feeling more grounded to increased self-esteem, I was able to jump a distracting hurtle in my path easily and now feel much more balanced.  I will definitely be attending future events.” – A.B.

“Your Realignment Workshop was completely inspiring to me. I was not sure what to expect, I only knew that I was seeking to re-connect with myself. I came away from my time with you feeling more connected and uplifted. The guided meditation triggered some profound thoughts for me about what I wanted to leave behind and also what I want to move toward in the new year. And the acupuncture truly took me to another place. You are obviously on your own personal journey. Thank you for supporting others as we explore ours.” – Kellie S.