Shamanic Medicine Healing

Shamanic Medicine Healing


This is a truly magical shamanic healing experience for your whole “Luminous Field”. In sacred space, we will explore what wants to be illuminated by tapping into the wisdom of the crystals of my Mesa (my Shaman medicine bag contains crystals that possess infinite treasures and mysteries). We will then recalibrate your entire chakra system to its highest frequency using different shaman tools and the healing power of Sat Nam Rasayan. By resetting your chakras, you will harmonize your physiological and neurological systems and cleanse your body and Luminous Field of any negative imprints and blockages that hold you back. You will walk away from the experience feeling elevated, light, and empowered to weave your true dreams. All readings end with practical advice and a blend of creative-mystical prescriptions and self-cultivation practices to fully support your life’s journey. This is an in-depth spiritual tune-up. Best when received once a month, as benefits accrue over time.

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75 min

At the very heart and core of our being, there exists and overwhelming yes to existence. This yes is discovered by those who have the courage to open their hearts to the totality of life.
— Adyashanti