Solace in Nature

Solace in Nature


A true gift to the eternal flame in your soul, this is the simplest and most powerful gateway to your healing. We will travel together to a special place in nature. In between walks we will pause and contemplate, allowing for intimate, soul-nourishing conversation as well as bold, beautiful questions. You will be guided inward toward a deep understanding and awareness of your truest self and your relationship to the unfolding in your life. Through the wisdom of nature, poetry, sand painting, silence, meditation, and journaling, you will identify the pillars that will help sustain, nourish, and harmonize your true essence and wellbeing.

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One full day, transportation included

Be a provenance of something gathered, a summation of previous intuitions, let your vulnerabilities walking on the cracked, sliding limestone, be this time, not a weakness, but a faculty for understanding what’s about to happen.
— David Whyte