Consuelo Casarotto

I am a holistic healer based in New York with over 10 years of experience. I combine shamanic traditions with the ancient wisdom of Eastern practices to illuminate inner harmony and beauty. As a claircognizant and clairsentient, I have a power for clear knowing and feeling: I am able to track and feel the essence of what wants to be illuminated. Whether you are unaligned, restless, afraid, or want to dig deeper within, I can guide you to unveiling your truest self.


I was born and raised in Northern Italy but lived and worked abroad most of my life. Before I discovered my calling as a healer, I worked tirelessly in drug control at the UN, in different continents. Through the experience of a divorce, I was awakened to question my path. Hearing my inner voice, but not yet knowing how to respond, I embarked on a personal journey of reconnecting to my heart. Traveling through Central America, off the beaten path, I met shamans and healers and discovered the workings and power of the invisible and intangible world. I returned home to Italy and met Guru Dev, a pre-eminent healer and teacher of Sat Nam Rasayan. I began studying with him the art of healing through the contemplative mind.

I was propelled to a turning point when I found myself in Udine, the place of my birth, at a hospital’s intensive care unit. For a month, day and night, I witnessed and was fully present for my aunt’s final struggle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. That experience framed my dedication to healing as a personal and deeply enriching journey—where energy and consciousness move interdependently, transforming and leading us to our wholeness. It also illuminated a deeper calling to work with those struggling with cancer. (I received post-graduate certifications from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, specializing on supporting cancer patients through Chinese medicine. I care to use this ancient wisdom to heal those who need it most).

After a few more years of soul-searching, and a final two years stint with the UN in Afghanistan, I turned to classic acupuncture studying under Jeffrey Yuen, a 88th Generation Jade Purity Taoist Master in New York. Shortly after graduation, on an intense solo retreat while I was visiting my home in Canary Islands, I finally heard my inner voice loud within my heart, “You are a healer.” From that moment, I have been on a magical journey touching people’s hearts. My unfolding as a healer has reached extraordinary heights, recently, when I stepped up as a Shaman in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition.


Healing is not merely the absence or resolution of a disease. True healing is the ultimate journey of a thousand miles, beginning right under your feet. It is a shift in consciousness to the harmony of who you really (and already) are. My intention as a healer is to guide you to experience your full self-expression - to empower you to rise up to your unique spark of genius.

I want you to be in harmony with who you are, allowing a dynamic of sharing your greatest light, rather than protecting your heart from it. Together, we will create and share moments and movements of light, beauty, and wisdom, consciously weaving magic, within ourselves and the greater world.


I integrate a rich range of tools and methods that stem from different traditions of ancient wisdom. Blending classical and esoteric acupuncture with crystals, tarot, mindfulness practices, Daoist and Peruvian Q’ero shamanism, art, and intuition, I will take you through your chosen journey of transformation and enlightenment. As a claircognizant-sentient armed with the wisdom of my shaman medicine bag, I home in on what wants to be illuminated and harmonized in you.

I invest myself to care and fully support you in your life’s journey with a blend of creative-mystical prescriptions and self-cultivation practices. Healing is a journey that you bring home with you beyond our healing sessions. When coming to my clinic, I want you to feel you are in a sacred space, in a higher state of consciousness—a place of deep, profound harmony and untapped potential.

Where to find me when I take my Shaman-healer hat off

Surfing in the Rockways, part giggling, part dead-serious (depending if I am I riding a full wave to the shore or I am being repeatedly swallowed by a giant wave); tweaking the Matrix dancing 5 Rhythm on Tue evenings and Fri mornings; joyfully painting (a) sacred geometry (b) ripples of consciousness, or (c) a feeling deep within my human landscape I cant quiet yet explain; communing with Nature and creating sacred sand-paintings along the way; sitting by my fireplace, reading a book or knitting; writing my book on Love with a capital L. Above ALL, I truly love carving time for SILENCE, pauses and contemplation (alas, the mystic-ScorpioEagle in me)! Yet I feel equal joy melting in laughter, playfulness and lots of cuddling with my daughter Sky.


Sky Dancer

Moving through Space,
Whirling creative energy and light.

Compassionate Messenger
Of the Devine Feminine,
Radiates speckles of consciousness
Between heaven and earth.

Spirit Warrior,
Wild and Wrathful manifestation of
Wisdom, Truth and Love
Ego Self-Deception
Fiercely illuminating
Harmony and Beauty within all hearts.

Without Aggression.

With fearless Tenderness and Creativity