The Shaman in You

The Shaman in You

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This is a very personal journey of self-healing and awakening. By incorporating your life experience with the ancient wisdom of shamanic traditions of the Peruvian Q’ero Inca and Chinese Daoism, you will illuminate different aspects of consciousness and empower new states of perception. The Shaman in You is a journey that uses a diverse set of healing techniques, including the Medicine Wheel and The Four Directions and their associated animal archetypes (North-Jaguar, South-Serpent, East-Eagle, West-Hummingbird).

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Dream-weave the world into being by owning and changing your inner landscape.

Healing through the Medicine Wheel empowers you to become fully aware of any imprints, limiting beliefs, and roles that no longer serve you. By doing so we reveal your highest calling as the unique co-creator that you are. You will:

  • Journey through each level of the Medicine Wheel, learning and embodying the archetype animals, chakra, and compass point associated with each the four dimensions of your energy field.

  • Illuminate aspects of your soul that have been lost to trauma and stress.

  • Shed away imprints of disease, limiting thoughts, beliefs, and roles that stifle your evolution.

  • Learn to cultivate lifestyle practices in nutrition and mindfulness that upgrade the brain and activate your genetic make up to support optimal health and promote longevity.

  • Be empowered to craft a vision of what you want your world to be.

  • Be guided to perform sacred mandala paintings, ceremonial fires, and start working with crystals to stir your own healing process and awaken your intuition.

All Journeys begin with a Crystal Medicine Reading /Acupuncture Session. To determine the Journey and # of sessions that are right for you. Sessions are 75-90 min long.

I wonder what would happen if we all were bold enough to soul dance openly - raw, naked and unbridled - upon the shimmering slopes of those crystal mountains that hold time that has come to stillness, to pure light, inside the vortex of infinity. What would we do with all those dreams? Who would dream them? And what would happen when the whole world woke up in love? YOU, YOU, YOU, it would all be your freedom. I beckon you home my beautiful one. Claim the sovereignty of your destiny. It is already here.
— Don Luz