The Balance of Chakras

The Balance of Chakras

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Chakras are energy centers within yourself. These vortexes are in constant motion—opening and closing, slowing and accelerating. The Balance of Chakras is a journey that helps you reset your energies, harmonizing your physical, mental, and emotional states. You will gain understanding of the movement of your being and recalibrate each chakra’s specific and highest frequency.

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Access your fullest power and unlock your magic.

Through mantras, sound, color, crystals, acupuncture, and shamanic practices, you will:

  • Learn simple self-cultivation healing practices.

  • Explore and awaken your luminous field of energy.

  • Empower each chakra to their fullest potential.

  • The journey will prepare you to experience your Spirit Flight through timelessness.

All Journeys begin with a Crystal Medicine Reading /Acupuncture Session. To determine the Journey and # of sessions that are right for you. Sessions are 75-90 min long.

Chakras are organizational centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life-force energy. They are the stepping stones between heaven and earth.
— Anodea Judith