The Magic of Tarot

The Magic of Tarot

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The tarot is life’s storybook. Its symbols hold truths that help us understand how to harmoniously exist with the world around us. The Magic of Tarot is a journey in which you will navigate the meaning of the cards—making the invisible visible.Following tarot’s Hermetic school of thought, you will be guided to embody the timeless wisdom of the symbols in your everyday life.

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Tarot Symbolism—a Path to Enlightenment

Through guided meditation, journaling, esoteric acupuncture, and a series of psycho-magical practices, you will:

  • Learn and explore each of the 22 keys of the Major Arcana of the tarot as spiritual guides for understanding the archetypes, energy, and emotional patterns of the human psyche.

  • Invite the wisdom and archetypes of each card to come alive in you and your day-to-day life.

  • See the universe in you.

All Journeys begin with a Crystal Medicine Reading /Acupuncture Session. To determine the Journey and # of sessions that are right for you. Sessions are 75-90 min long.

The Tarot is a portrait of the workings of the invisible universe.
— Wald Abmerkten