The Wisdom of Yin

The Wisdom of Yin

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Yin and Yang—two parts of one whole. Everything in life is a result of these opposite, yet interdependent, forces: Yang being the masculine and Yin being the feminine. The Wisdom of Yin is a journey in which you will home in on your Divine Feminine, the part of your consciousness that sees your inner flame without judgements, limits, and doubt. Woman, man, however you identify, you will experience openness and unlock your freest creativity.

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The Divine Feminine Illuminates Your Truest Self

Using classical and esoteric acupuncture, shamanic practices, meditation, sacred geometry, and mandala painting, you will:

  • Gain clarity on your true essence and its intended direction.

  • Find balance between giving and receiving, doing and being.

  • Create a loving presence to illuminate the shadows that dim your enlightenment.

  • Open up to receiving the abundance and gifts that are meant for you.

  • Step up as a creator, sharing your uniqueness with the world.

All Journeys begin with a Crystal Medicine Reading /Acupuncture Session. To determine the Journey and # of sessions that are right for you. Sessions are 75-90 min long.

…wherever we cling, she cuts; whatever we think we can hide, she reveals.
— Sapchu Rinpoche